PMC Provides a Full Range of Services to Meet Your Needs.

From Engineering Support to Inventory Management, PMC is Your Partner for Complex Turned Parts.
Having served customers for over twenty years, PMC has manufactured thousands of different designs of turned components for numerous industries. Our expertise is custom-tailoring our processes to meet your specific application needs. With the ability to machine parts up to 12 inches long and tolerances ranging from ± .005″ to .0001″ for specific features, you can be assured that all parts will meet your stringent manufacturing requirements.

Through our co-development services, value-added capabilities and highly specialized machine shop, we work closely with customers to understand what they need and respond with customized solutions that help them increase efficiency, quality and profitability.

Services and value-added capabilities include:

• Machine Capabilities
• Co-development Partnerships
• Engineering Support
• Material Selection

• Specialty Finishing
• Assembly & Packaging with ISO Lot Traceability
• Inventory Management and Stocking Program
• Quality Control

PMC has in-depth machine capabilities

Machine Capabilities

PMC operates a highly specialized in-house machine shop and utilizes a wide variety of equipment to ensure your components are machined in the most efficient manner possible. Equipment is operated by our team of highly skilled employees who verify that each and every finished part meets all specifications including outer diameter ranges of 3.0″ to .030″ with minimum feature size within a part to .003″, and inner diameters of 2.95″ to .020″ with up to 20x depth.

Our equipment includes:

• CNC Turning Centers
    • 5 Axis CNC Milling
    • 8 Axis CNC Swiss Turning Screw Machining
• CNC lathes
• Thread whirling
• Hex broaching

PMC is your partner for turned components

Co-Development Partnerships

PMC brings a high level of integrity, professionalism and commitment to delivering quality product and consistent performance to each and every customer – project after project and year after year. Often, we combine our component-specific expertise and manufacturing know-how with your industry-specific understanding to develop a unique solution to meet the challenges you face. Together, we create functional concepts for all of your complex development needs. PMC is your go-to partner for intricate parts development and quality manufactured components. And in the end, we like for you to think of us as the machine shop down the hall.

PMC provides engineering services

Engineering Support

To produce a quality part at a competitive price, our in-house engineering staff works with you to refine your design, choose the right material and select the production equipment that will best fit the complexity and volume requirements of your project. We identify improvements that will make your part function even better and ensure material selections best fit your application. CAD/CAM software analyzes 3D models of your part to ensure all aspects have been scrutinized prior to machine setup, saving you time and money on the final production run. Our expert team of macro-level programmers can write code to produce even the most complex of parts on our highly specialized equipment.

Engineering and design capabilities include:

  • Proto-typing to full production
  • Reverse engineering
  • Material Selection
  • Tolerance and manufacturability reviews
  • Modifying generic components to custom components

PMC provides materials support

Materials Selection

Over the years we have developed the expertise to work with a broad range of materials to meet your exacting requirements. For every project, our engineering staff reviews your design and helps you choose the right material to ensure that you get a quality part at a competitive price.

Materials include:

• Titanium
• Stainless Steel
• Nickel
• Brass, Copper, Bronze
• Pre-hardened Steel 17-4 H900
• Nitronic
• Aluminum
• Peek
• Plastics – Delrin, Nylon, ABS, PTCFE
• Specialty Alloys

PMC provides specialty finishing services

Specialty Finishing

Specialty finishing options include:
• Grind cutting for custom tooling geometries
• Titanium anodizing / passivation
• Gun drilling for cannulated devices
• Laser marking
• Bead blast and other surface finishing processes
• Plating: zinc chromate, nickel, tin, gold
• Stainless steel passivation

PMC provides assembly & packaging services

Assembly & Packaging

When it comes to manufacturing, PMC is here to make your life easier. During the product life cycle, we help you engineer your parts so they best meet your specific functional requirements using the most appropriate materials, machine your parts to exacting tolerances, and apply specialty finishing processes. But our services don’t end there… we can assemble and package your parts so they are ready for final assembly when they arrive at your location. Additionally, for risk management, we provide full transparency into raw materials and components through identification of lot or batch numbers for inventory tracking.

PMC provides Inventory Management Services

Inventory Management Program

For the customers who place orders on a regular schedule, we offer our Inventory Management Program. This proactive inventory management program guarantees your product is stocked to agreed-upon minimum/maximum levels, eliminating long lead times and removing the need for annual blanket purchase orders. For your JIT assembly lines, we can meet large order requirements and stock your inventory, shipping to your schedules for final assembly and finishing. With an annual review, you are able to adjust quantities up or down as your needs shift.

PMC maintains ISO certifications for quality assurance

Quality Control

PMC takes quality control very seriously, especially considering that we work on medical components and parts that go into safety products of every variety. That is why we are working to achieve ISO Certification for both general manufacturing and medical device manufacturing. These rigorous standards will allow us to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide product that meets your stringent requirements, as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, while also ensuring that quality is consistently improved.

Our Quality Assurance Program is highly regarded by our customers as it helps to prevent costly mistakes. We will gladly share details on our procedures, including documentation, calibration control, and inspection/testing methods, upon request.